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Raising the Dead

4 Sep

Looking at my last post I see I took a month breather to finally clear the Fiddler on the Roof playlist (shuffle setting) out of my brain and do somethings wholly unrelated to the theatre. But break time is over, things are starting to move again as we have another play in the works and the Evansville Harvest Windmill Festival is two weeks away!

Dave and Melissa portray Dr. Evans and his wife during the Evansville's Civil War Days last May.

John, Jim, and Melissa are busy writing scripts for the Historic Cemetery Theatre to be held at 2:30 on Saturday, September 17 at Maple Hill Cemetery. This is the second cemetery event this year, the first was during Civil War Re-enactment in May. (See When the Spirits, in the May archives of this blog.) The committee picks out a group of Evansville historic figures, researches and writes a five minute monologue or dialogue for each. Volunteers are costumed to match the era of the depicted figure and placed at the gravesite.

Visitors can hear about the character’s life and role in Evansville’s history as they are ushered around the cemetery.

And on a sunny day Maple Hill Cemetery holds its own historical charm. It still sits in a mostly rural setting in the rolling land on the east side of Evansville and is filled with the who’s who of Evansville’s existence. Not being an Evansville native, none of my family is ┬áthere but the woman who commissioned the building of our 1898 Queen Anne house is. While she too was an import, in her case from Brooklyn, Wisconsin, 10 miles away, and her name isn’t on any of the downtown buildings, she too had an impact on the town. When she decided to move to Evansville for the sake of the education of her children, she added one more home of historical significance and added to the beauty and expansion of the town.

Find out more about Wisconsin history by attending Evansville’s Harvest Windmill Festival September 17th and 18th.

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