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It’s a Wrap

13 Dec

I was looking at the administrative side of the blog; it’s where all the statistics of the blog are kept–things like the how many views it gets in a day, search terms that were used, which posts get read how often, and the list of posts for editing. It was a little discouraging to see that during the week of November 20th, three posts got started but have since languished as drafts waiting for my attention.

Dog blam it! It's a flat.

Tom and Tris relax.

They’re outdated now so that’s where they’ll stay. It was Thanksgiving week and the week between shows and I kept trying to get something posted so people wouldn’t forget about the play. Sadly, between all of it I couldn’t finish anything so nothing got posted. In the end A Christmas Storywent off without a hitch which is always a good thing. Especially in the ¬†ancient but capable J.C. McKenna Auditorium. The lighting system is old and unreliable, the sound system is made for a microphone at a lectern, and there are no wings to store set pieces that need to be moved on and off. The green room, which gets overrun with all the set pieces, including an open ’47 Plymouth, is also used for band lessons (thanks Mr. Z!). In other words, everything has the potential of going horribly awry.

Back Stage Crew


But it worked out and now it’s packed up. The “house on Cleveland Street” has been disassembled and moved back to storage along with the other set pieces. The lights borrowed from the high school have been returned, a few pieces still wait to be returned to their rightful owners. The cast and crew have gone off to work on other things and only a few e-mails have been exchanged.

Labeled Light Board

It’s the time that all who were involved need to decompress and relax, which apparently the blogger took to heart.

Sound Guy?

Listen to the Stage Manager…or else!
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