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A Stage of Sorts

27 May

IMG_0185After one week, or just three rehearsals, the inevitable question is asked, “when can we get in the High School?” When you counter with “graduation’s the eighth,” they counter with “there’s nothing else going on there.”

Not true, unfortunately. There is Fine Arts night this week, a dance recital this weekend, and a grade school talent show next week. We just have to make do with the middle school for a few weeks. But a stage is a stage and while some of the principles were working through the first few scenes, the ensemble was in the choir room working on the songs.

IMG_0194Finally with a half hour of rehearsal left, the ensemble was dismissed so the Do-Wop Girls could join Mushnik, Seymour, and Audrey on stage. Aubrey (sorry, this will be confusing) is one of our puppeteers and she stuck around and mimicked the motions of the baby Audrey II.

IMG_0238But even the Middle School stage is better than the cafeteria, the actors sitting around in undersized chairs, trying to sing in a bent of position and generally looking uncomfortable. The stage floor was taped by the directors to give a sense of the walls of the flower shop and the actors were able to stand, move, have an idea of where to go and the directors could actually direct.

IMG_0259What some don’t realize is that we are spoiled by having a nice facility like the High School’s Performing Arts Center and that we get to do most of our rehearsing on that stage. Even real theatre companies work in a rehearsal space until a few short weeks before the performance then move to the theater they will perform in just before the show opens.

Even just the move from the cafeteria to the Middle School stage brings a different feel to the production even though we’re only three rehearsals in. For now the Middle School will do until the Evansville Class of 2014 graduates in a few short weeks then all of the chaos will ensue. We can hardly wait.7 20 lights

Finally, It Begins

21 May
A humble stack of lumber.

A humble stack of lumber.

It seems to start out the same each year, a pile of lumber arrives outside the high school workshop door, a group of hopefuls shows up at the middle school, a box of scripts arrives. The production team has met to discuss budgets, and schedules, and publicity. The usual discussions ensue about complimentary tickets and when can we get into the high school.


‘Talk ’em to death, why don’t ya?’

But finally, after a winter of talk and more talk and even more talk, the play is cast and the night that we’ve been waiting for arrives–the first read through.

After what seems like an eternity of, well, more talk–fill out the forms, help backstage, excited you’re here, on and on.

Then finally, we shut up, and the rehearsal cd starts with some music and the first song begins and the actors start to sing along, say their lines, laugh at the expected and numerous mistakes, start a song during the intro vamps, or don’t start because they think they’re intro vamps, Orin accidentally says Audrey’s lines.

Finally, finally, finally, the show starts to come to life. A large group of new faces mix into those who have worked with us before. It’s refreshing and comforting.

Finally, the real fun begins.

The Read Through

The Read Through

What to Expect When You’re Auditioning

6 May

Like to sing? Like to dance? Like to entertain an audience? Come to Evansville’s J.C. McKenna Middle School on Saturday between 10 and 2 or Monday evening from 6 to 8 and audition for ECT’s Little Shop of Horrors. 

You'll audition here!

You’ll audition here!

So what should you do? First prepare 16 bars of your favorite show tune and make sure you bring the piano music along. Some excerpts from the play as well as some forms that you will need to fill out are available on the Audition page on our website, the Eager Free Public Library, or will be available at auditions. You don’t need to prepare a monologue but Melissa the Director and Co-Director Dave will have you do some dialogues from those excerpts.

Once you get to the Middle School, come in the front doors on First Street. We will have greeters waiting for you and will show you to the cafeteria where you will stop to get your picture taken. If you haven’t filled out the forms you will need to do that first, then once Melissa is ready, we will take you into the auditorium. There you will let your song rip, do some dialogues, talk to crew and then you’re on your way.

The only requirements are that you are high school age or older and be available for most rehearsals during May and June and all rehearsals and performances in July. One of the challenges of this play is that we will be renting Audrey II and we won’t be able to get her until the weekend before our final week of rehearsals.

Little Shop has a small cast but we are always looking for new faces. So if you always wanted to try acting or you’ve acted in lots of plays come audition!

We'll perform at the beautiful Evansville High School Performing Arts Center

We’ll perform at the beautiful Evansville High School Performing Arts Center


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