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Sucked In by the Vortex

4 Jul

DSCN5712Once the production shifts from the middle school rehearsal space to the high school there is a sudden shift in the momentum. The crew has been patiently waiting to get into the workshop to start building and painting and the cast is anxious to work on the stage.

There’s Saturday workdays and everyone, actors included, shows up to build or paint or help with props. On rehearsal nights, the actors are working on stage while the crew continues in the shop. At some point the paths of both intersect and some of the actors that aren’t on stage pick up a paint brush to fill in the down time while the crew is building on stage among the actors.

Building Mushnik's Shop

Building Mushnik’s Shop

And then, in the final week before tech week, the suction of the play is so great that everyone involved is moving from their work, to the theater, to home to get some sleep, and back to work again. The actors start arriving earlier then the scheduled rehearsal so they can work together on the rough parts of songs or scenes. The choreographer is working with everyone on dance steps, and, from time to time, an actor will appear on stage in a costume for the directors to review.

Everybody paints

Everybody paints

The pit band and the sound board operator arrive and the light designer is working in the afternoon when the theater is empty and darkness isn’t an issue. The producer even had a meeting with the Front of House Manager, to finalize what is needed there.

Floor work

Floor work

Today is kind of a de facto day off for everyone but a large group was at the school early in the morning converting a trailer to a float for the 4th of July parade.


Costume team and the Director


Mushnik, Seymour, and Audrey rehearse.

The vortex has come to full rotation and everyone who is involved is sucked in. When you go into the theater it is filled with energy, activity, and the sense that in a week the curtain will open. Will we be ready?


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