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A Good Sign

14 Jul
Sharon and Chris

Sharon and Chris

The fact of the matter is Chris Felton, our sign language interpreter, and Sharon Cybart, the White Witch, had discussed it before but many productions don’t lend themselves to sign language interpretation. This time though, Chris looked over the script and felt it was workable. So not long after the rehearsals moved to the high school Chris started showing up with a script, a stool, and a watchful eye.

Then during tech week she sat in front of the stage on a short ottoman and proceeded to take on the role of all of the actors. Honestly, during tech week, I didn’t have much time to notice, I focused a few lights on her and we discussed the basic light cues I would use, but I was more concerned with the lights on stage.

Chris no longer carries her certification but still volunteers from time to time on occasions such as these. Chris taught in Madison for 40 years, interpreted for Deaf students at UW Madison, and has even signed the musical Annie at the Fireside Theatre and a poetry reading by the late Maya Angelou.IMG_2058

So on Sunday, when she took her seat in front of the stage and started interpreting the pre-show announcement, my finger was on the slider that ran her light. Her arms and hands moved fluidly through the scenes and when she placed her hands in her lap at the end of each, it was my cue to dim her light as well. For an hour and a half she interpreted while a dozen from the Deaf community got to see a show.

Chris taught the cast to sign both “thank you” and “I love you” before the show and the cast used them in the curtain call. And in return the members of the Deaf community that came signed “I love you” as the curtain closed.

While it may not rank up there with all of her accomplishments, Chris can now add that she is the first to interpret an Evansville production. And because of all of her hard work to be a part of this show, a group of people who don’t have many opportunities to enjoy theatre got a chance to do just that.

We’re very pleased that Chris will be there Friday evening (July 17) to do one more show.IMG_2074

Come See The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

10 Jul

Sign Language Interpreted Show Friday, July 18!11148631_10206224566445835_1155580563267647677_n

It’s been a long week of rehearsals, refining the rough spots, finishing the costumes and props, painting and decorating the set, setting lights, checking the sound. We’ve done all we can do and now it’s time to finally share ECT’s production of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

Since early May, the cast has been working toward tonight–finding their character, memorizing their lines, understanding where they needed to go an when. The set was built, the costumes were begged, borrowed, and sewn, the backdrop was painted.

11695990_10206224560605689_4578250083221592674_nEach night, with the performances well on the horizon, the cast directed by Dave, and the crew, under the watchful eye of Melissa, worked with this weekend in mind.

We did this all in the hopes that people will come and see the show.

So come see a beautiful and engaging production of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe this weekend.

Cast photo by Marissa Haegele, other photos by Kathleen YurkonisDSC09470

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