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8 Aug

Believe it or not Evansville Community Theatre is still alive. We have taken a couple of summers off but we’ve been itching to get something, anything, going. So in an effort to relaunch we are pleased to announce auditions for the fall radio production of Frankenstein.

If you think you might want a part, auditions are this Saturday, August 12 and Monday August 14 at our new home, John M Evans Hall, 104 West Main Street in Evansville. (Yes we finally have a home but that’s another story.)

Just because we haven’t done a play for a while doesn’t mean the Board hasn’t been busy – we’ve been looking at our organization and deciding how to best move forward. With any small community theatre it’s a struggle–a balance of having enough volunteers and money to produce a show. When we have a production in process the people naturally come to help out, but they soon drift away after the production is over.

We have looked at the organization from all angles over the last several months and continue to develop our ideas and mission and just how we fit in this community. The journey has been exciting, scary, and daunting but we keep at it because we feel that theatre plays an important role and adds another dimension to our growing community.

Over the next several weeks we will be letting you know about our progress, about our new home, about our revamped organization. And if you want to get involved now–be part of our planning, throw out new ideas, and help promote our group–drop us a message on Facebook or e-mail. We are looking for you!

If you want to audition for our radio production of Frankenstein check out our Auditions page at

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