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In the Summertime…

12 Feb

Last summer, as the dust was settling from striking Fiddler on the Roof, the ECT Facebook page discussions started almost immediately with “what should we do next year?”

The responses were numerous with a lot of terrific suggestions. But after a long discussion, the board made the decision at the last meeting to take the summer off and work on other projects. It wasn’t an easy decision because we all love putting on a show, but many of the key production crew members needed some time to recuperate after three straight summer musicals.

Earlier posts to this blog illustrate just how much work and time is necessary to produce a play. Add to that the small group of dedicated individuals that work real jobs, have families, and even participate in other hobbies that give up their summers to make it all happen. It is time for a break.

One Board Member's plans for the summer.

Plus, as much fun as it is to produce shows, there is the business side that needs the Board’s attention.

It’s not like ECT will be dropping of the face of the earth, we’re ┬áinvolved in Evansville’s Rally Round the Flag Civil War coming in May. We’ve signed up for the Chili Cookoff in March and are already planning the float for the 4th of July parade.

Plus there’s plenty of great shows coming–Stoughton Village Players is presenting The Odd Couple in March and the Tommy Award winning Evansville High School Drama department is presenting Once upon a Mattress in May. Plus, MadStage e-mails indicate there’s lots of great theatre coming this spring and summer.

The ECT Board will be meeting regularly to deal with the mundane issues of finances and fundraising, storage and scripts, and all the other details that need to be dealt with but aren’t when we’re in the midst of a production.

And, of course, we will be thinking about the summer of 2013, and deciding what will be next in our summer line-up.

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